The Mediterranean Culinary Academy

The Mediterranean Culinary Academy is the first educational establishment of its kind anywhere in the region and will be the first product-driven food academy in the world. Based in Valletta, Malta, the Academy is focused on giving its students the technical abilities to excel in any culinary role – whether they are home cooks or professionals. It is intrinsically committed to developing Mediterranean cuisine in particular, as well as leading the way with regards to sustainable agricultural practices.

Mediterranean Culinary Academy

The Academy revolves around a unique set of contemporary values that places the food cycle at the core of everything it teaches. From its one-day and hobby courses to its professional training for chefs, every student will be provided with a wealth of information and skills on how to make delicious, fresh food in the most sustainable manner possible. It is this that sets all MCA alumni apart in a world that critically needs to become ever-more globally aware and ecologically proactive.

The Mediterranean Culinary Academy took major strides in 2017, with the launch of its first pop-up dining event, Pollen. Its first courses were launched in December 2017, with the doors to its new premises on Sapper Street in Valletta opening to the public in January 2018. Plans are now in place to launch the Academy’s first sustainable product range, as well as its gastro-tourism courses.