AP Valletta is a Malta-based award-winning architectural firm specialising in sustainable heritage. Founded in 1991, AP consists of a multinational and multidisciplinary team of architects and other professionals, covering a wide range of services and including architectural and interior design; masterplanning and urban design; structural and civil engineering; restoration; property valuation services and feasibility studies; education, research and publishing.

Since 1991
we have received
176 awards & nominations


Commonwealth Business Forum

Sustainable Heritage - Routhledge

Din I-Art Helwa Heritage Awards 2021


Culture & Leisure Retail & hospitality Infrastructure & Industrial Offices Residential Restoration & Renovation Property Valuation & Advisory Services Research, Education & Publishing Urban Landscapes & Waterfronts

Press & Research

Our vision is to create an Architecture that is a place-maker, a container of meaning, a catalyst for the creation of kinship, a fabricator of myth and a producer of narratives

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