Din l-Art Helwa Heritage Awards 2021

AP Valletta received the Prix d'Honneur by Din l-Art Helwa Architecture Heritage Awards for its signifcant contribution to Maltese cultural heritage and the achievment of architectural excellence in Malta through the restoration and conservation project of the Teatru Manoel Facade Restoration.

The restoration and rehabilitation of the Baroque theatre was initiated in the mid-1990’s by the Manoel Theatre Management Committee and led by AP Valletta up to completion. The masterplan focused on improving the theatre facilities and developing and diversifying the cultural activities it houses. It aimed, simultaneously, at lending a new public image to the theatre with a view to increasing its external legibility and emphasising its importance, both locally and internationally. 

The project was concluded with the restoration of the façade and main entrance. The intervention on the façade embodies the subtle handling required to transform the building in such a way as to answer to the changing needs of contemporary performing environments, whilst at the same time maintaining traces of the building’s historical evolution and asserting its legibility. The resulting intervention is firmly inscribed in the historical development of the building while remaining sensitively discernible as a contemporary interpretation.

The restored Teatru Manoel is a testimony to the resilience of historical and heritage buildings when they are kept in constant use. Whilst the structure of the building has been modified to accommodate ever changing requirements, the function and identity of the building has remained unchanged.

We would like to thank everyone involved in the project.

AP Valletta:

  • Executive Director: Konrad Buhagiar
  • Restoration: Guillaume Dreyfuss, Charlene Jo Darmanin, Elena Zammit, Nigel Degaetano
  • Architecture: Edward Cuschieri, Guglielmo Avallone
  • Interior Design: Rory Apap Brown, Francesco Gerbaudi, Sarah Jane Bilocca
  • Structural Engineering: Joseph Calleja, Mario Pace, Jurgen Vassallo

Other participants:

  • Vaults Co. Ltd - Stonework
  • Lloyd Darmanin - Balcony railing
  • Mr Sebastiano Genovese – MTS – Mechanical & Electrical Engineer
  • Mr Robert Ghirlando – University of Malta – Engineering Consultant
  • Mr Jonathan Bonett – Camilleri & Cuschieri – Fire Safety Engineer
  • Mr Filippo Aguzzi – Studio Aguzzi – Climate Control Consultant
  • Mr Massimiliano Tonelli – Tonelli – Architectural Acoustics
  • Ms Anne Minors – Sound Space Vision – Theatre Planning
  • Mr Franck Franjou – Franck Franjou – Architectural Lighting
  • Mr Alec Massa – Digital Malta – Audio/Video Consultant

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