Solar facades for a circular and low-carbon GO Tech Centre

We have reached an important milestone on our project at the GO Tech Centre: the installation of the Building Integrated Photovoltaic panels. The BIPV panels have now been installed as a brise-soleil on the south-facing facades, shielding the interiors from direct solar exposure while generating clean electricity at the same time.

Solar analysis software was used to parametrically map the solar energy that falls on building facades. This led to the creation of a pixelated pattern with the BIPV panels shading areas with the highest solar gains.

Voids in between the panels allow light to enter the office in strategic locations creating a delicate balance between the provision of adequate natural light, the reduction of glare and enjoyment of the views.

The design's success is the result of a collab between AP and Malta Properties plc, who encouraged the use of smart methods of construction.

Check out the BIPV installation with the timelapse of the work at GO Tech.

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