The Future of the Workplace

AP people have (safely!) come together to share and discuss some considerations on the future of the workplace, in a collective effort to imagine how the office environment will be like, feel like and look like, in a post-pandemic scenario.

Through a series of internal workshops, starting from an analysis of how the pandemic has affected us and the office workflows so far, we identified a set of new guiding parameters for the reorganisation of office spaces:

  • Flexibility – hybrid models which will allow people to be flexible to alternate teleworking and office working and will be able to cater for different needs as well as to ensure a collaborative, safe and serene environment at all times. These solutions will require a re-design of the traditional working station, which will need to become smarter and more easily adaptable.
  • Technological improvement – high-tech environments need to evolve further, in order to be able to cope with the challenging demands of remote working and to enable efficient performances in all circumstances.
  • New Central Spaces – as a result of adopting hybrid models, reorganisation of offices layouts will be needed. Meeting rooms as well as the outdoor areas will become the new and most important spaces. The design focus will shift from the single working station unit to spaces where people can congregate safely. The role of the office as a space offering opportunity for exchange, will be central.

The event formed part of the practice’s annual AP Day programme.