WasteBuild Zero 2023

AP Structural Design Director Charles Sciberras attended WasteZero Build 2023

AP ’s Structural Design Director Charles Sciberras attended Waste Build Zero 2023, a leading forum for discussion about sustainability and circularity principles in the construction industry, held in Amsterdam between the 11th and 12th of May.

Sustainability in the construction industry is especially relevant in view of the current climate emergency. The event showcased the latest trends in regenerative design principles where construction projects aim to restore depleted resources rather than depleting them further.  In these scenarios, sustainability is not measured merely by the carbon footprint or energy efficiency of a project but also by careful consideration of the future reuse potential of all materials used.

"Cradle-to cradle principles mean that buildings should be designed to be deconstructed at their end of life and their constituent materials used in future projects. The latest developments in sustainable materials and construction techniques were presented. The use of these innovative materials and adoption of these new techniques will help ensure that our projects at AP Valletta are truly sustainable and contribute meaningfully to the solution of the current climate crisis" said Charles.