AP at the Association of Architectural Educators conference 2023

At Cardiff University

Earlier this month, the Association of Architectural Educators (AAE) of the U.K. gathered at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University. Under the intriguing theme of "Productive-Disruptive: Spaces of Exploration in-between Architectural Teaching and Real-World Practice," AAE 2023 brought together scholars and practitioners from across the globe. Jacques Borg Barthet, AP Valletta's Director of Practice and a visiting senior lecturer in the Faculty for the Built Environment at the University of Malta, was in attendance.

This conference was undertaken largely in workshop format, providing an interactive platform that allowed students of architecture, researchers, educators, and practitioners from the United States to Tasmania, to explore topical considerations in architectural education, research and practice.

Discussions at AAE 2023 ranged across a breadth of topics, from the role of architecture in challenging established economic, social and environmental practices to the increasingly pervasive impact of Artificial Intelligence on the field. The conference also shone a spotlight on teaching practices with educators and professionals alike discussing the nature of curricula, teaching and assessment methods and the type of tools needed to nurture new generations of architects who are at once skillful, hands-on and contemplative.

In the ever-evolving architectural landscape influenced by technology and the increasing consciousness of the profession’s social and environmental role, gatherings like AAE 2023 provide a pivotal platform for sharing fresh perspectives, valuable insights, and innovative ideas. Jacques Borg Barthet’s participation reflects AP Valletta’s dedication to the intersection of architectural practice, research and education, and their integral importance to the future of the field.