Our vision is to create an Architecture that is a place-maker, a container of meaning, a catalyst for the creation of kinship, a fabricator of myth and a producer of narratives.

AP Valletta is the product of the convergence of several tasks which were commissioned over the years contributing to the multitude of disciplines required to achieve the goals envisioned by the client. Each project tackled, whether architectural, design or planning related, contains a collection of ideas, some tried and tested, others new and unprompted, whose unorthodox overlap and unsettling combination is what brings the product to life. Projects are driven through varying facets of architecture, interior and space, tracing trajectories that are derived from specific areas of research and expertise, be it that of the architect, the engineer, the critic, the educator, the artist, the writer or the anthropologist.

Although solutions may seem simple, the origins of each project are complex, articulated and unstable, the only certain conclusion that emerges from this research is the ineffable quality of Architecture. We have the undiminished ambition to evoke, in varying ways, a common sense of architecture as a generator of real life, not only the backdrop to events, big or small, historical or routine. Architecture and design, for us, are more than space, setting, context and form.


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Capability Statement

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AP Valletta Capability Statement 2024