AP in Valletta

TV Programmes

Restaurants on the edge - Malta

Arte tv
Invitation au voyage - Malte
France, January 2018

Magazines, Newspapers

Times of Malta
Contemporary architecture: the heritage of tomorrow
France, September 2021

Malte au coeur
France, September 2021

Stil'è Magazine
Where Alchemy becomes reality
Italy, April 2021

Petit Futé
La Vallette une capitale tendance
France, September 2018

Süddeutche Zeitung
Valletta sucht sich selbst
Germany, June 2018

Style on Sunday
Architecture takes a centre stage
Malta, May 2018

Mesto, ki je premagalo prostor in čas
August 2018

The Malta Indipendent
Valletta does not have the luxury of cities like Paris and Rome - Konrad Buhagiar
Malta, August 2018

Mesto Lepote - Valletta
Slovenia, September 2018

Europe's Next Great cultural Destination: Valletta, Malta
United States, November 2017