AP’s Executive Director Konrad Buhagiar interviewed for SEE magazine

SEE magazine

‘’At AP Valletta, we strive to produce work that is built for longevity. We try to understand why the buildings of the ancients continue to inspire awe, motivating us to preserve them and to hand them down with pride to the generations to come. We would like to emulate them and embed these magical qualities in our own buildings. This is what sustainability means to us. If buildings are designed to be beautiful, then the chances are that they will be admired and cared for, with the result that they will last longer.’’

Konrad Buhagiar spoke to architect Aleksander Ostan for the first issue of SEE magazine. The interview, conducted in the occasion of the BIG Architecture conference held in Slovenia earlier this month, focused on the theme ‘‘In Search of Beauty: Between Tradition and Innovation’’, and discussed this pursuit on both professional and personal levels.

BIG Architecture conference: In Search of Beauty: Between Tradition and Innovation