Exploring Virtual Reality

[v]Room of Requirement (working title)

We’re proud to announce that we will be supporting [v]Room of Requirement, a project by architect and researcher Elaine Bonavia, recently funded by the Arts Council Malta special Covid call for proposals.

In the Covid-19 pandemic scenario, many questions about the use and the accessibility of cyber space emerged. Which role will virtual space play from now on? Experiencing “space” mainly depends on human perception; how do we perceive and navigate through these uncharted digital environments? This and many other interrogatives will be investigated.

The room aims at exploring new ways of using VR and remote collaboration as well as questioning the fine line between today's extended versions of private and public space. The project will culminate with an exhibition of the work – coming from the gathered material exchanged through a virtual room swap and an event where attendees will be invited to enter the [v]Room of Requirement in VR. The exhibition will take place in August 2021 at AP.

The project is supported by Arts Council Malta and AP Valletta.

The artists/collaborators for the Virtual room exchange are: Hugo du Plessix with U2P050, Erica Guista, Alexandre Mballa-Ekobena, Letta Shtohryn, James Bonavia, Fransiska Benkel, Aidan Celeste and Mateo Argerich.