Lectures about architectural heritage.

Credits AP Valletta.

AP’s Danica Mifsud will be giving a lecture about the rehabilitation and the regeneration of the award-winning Phoenicia Hotel project. The intention behind the renovation is to restore the Phoenicia Hotel to its former glory, and by extension, mould the existing premises into a building which is reminiscent of its history, and yet relevant to today’s society. The concept was to combine the old-world grandeur of the Hotel with contemporary design, within the framework of the Urban Plan of Valletta spanning between Valletta City Gate and the Floriana ex-parade ground.

This was achieved by restoring the facades of the 1930s main building. The top floor, an extension of the 1990’s which did not pay respect towards the original architecture, was integrated to the facades below by extending the stair towers and creating a copper cornice at the uppermost level. The 90’s additions were further integrated with the hotel’s facades by replacing the frontispieces and roof structures with new sky lounges.


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