H-BIM workshop series, in collaboration with DiARC, progresses into its second phase

H BIM workshop with University of Naples - October work session in Valletta

In December 2022, AP Valletta received the Internationalisation Partnership Award Scheme (IPAS+) fund, marking the commencement of an innovative research collaboration with the Department of Architecture (DiARC) at the Universitá Federico II of Naples (IT). This promising partnership is centred around the theme of "H-BIM: Regenerative decision-making processes for fragile heritage environments" and is designed to explore pioneering workflows for the assessment of potential regeneration scenarios for disused heritage assets. The collaboration harnesses cutting-edge technologies, particularly Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, to achieve its goals.

The first phase of the research project witnessed a series of workshops hosted by the University of Naples, earlier in June 2023, whose initial outcomes have now been developed further, during a new series of workshops hosted by AP in their Valletta offices.

The workshop featured an enriching week-long program of activities, drawing the participation of a group of talented architecture students and academic researchers, including PhD candidates Sabrina Sacco, and Piero Zizzania, and Master students Amelia Aprea, Pasquale Franza, Lorenzo Guastaferro, Giuseppe Irace and Francesco Lanzotti. The collaboration was steered by the esteemed guidance of Professor Maria Cerreta, who led the team through a dynamic series of activities aimed at delving into the intricate world of regenerative decision-making for heritage assets.

The outcomes of this initial phase of research have left a lasting impact, offering fresh insights into the challenges and possibilities of regenerating disused heritage sites. These findings are set to be developed further with a submission European funding.

AP Valletta and the University of Naples team extend their sincere gratitude to the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST) for its pivotal role in making this collaboration a reality. AP also extends its heartfelt appreciation to all those who have contributed to and embraced this initiative in Naples, further strengthening the bonds of international collaboration and knowledge sharing.

This dynamic collaboration promises to yield new insights, creative solutions, and a brighter future for heritage assets that hold a special place in our collective history. Stay tuned for further updates as this pioneering project unfolds in the coming months.