Konrad Buhagiar for Oħlom Oħloq series

by Arts Council Malta

AP’s Director Konrad Buhagiar participates in the series of clips by Arts Council Malta Oħlom Oħloq Create2020 campaign, featuring key people whose lives have been transformed by the arts.After thirty five years spent practicing architecture, I can mention perhaps one thing that still drives and fascinates me: that which distinguishes an 'ordinary' building from another which contains architectural value, an abstract quality allowing the building to deliver a message or act as a more meaningful backdrop to our everyday lives.

Throughout my work, I often find that my references mostly come from artistic media and means of expression not strictly related to Architecture. In other words, I find I am inspired more frequently by literature, painting etc. than I am by other buildings.

The fact that buildings require such a long time to execute can be considered a symbol of the determination and patience the architect needs to harness his ambition.