Length of Weighted Wire

Installation part of 'Middling English' by Caroline Bergvall

Date 07.09.2010–23.10.2010
Venue John Hansard Gallery, London

This installation titled 'Length of Weighted Wire' was part of the exhibition 'Middling English' by Caroline Bergvall, exhibited at the John Hansard Gallery. The exhibition was established with a range of collaborators including sound artists Zahra Mani and Adam Parkinson, designer Alex Prokop, the voice of Nicholas Rowe and ourselves as 'spatial interveners'. The exhibition ran from 7 September till 23 October 2010. Middling English investigates modes of writing, from the printed letter to a loose realm of visual, audio, kinetic and perceptual writing and reading environments. In our case this resulted in an 'almost absent spatial structure'.

Very thin wires connected in space expose implicit compositional forces and thus explore and express context specific information. The installation is more a 'site reading' than it is a proposal, it exists more as diagram than a final result. In this state of tension its purpose is to accommodate a possible re-reading of the gallery space; more than it wants to be seen as an object in the space; it is made to see through.