On heritage and identity

When the ordinary becomes special

In the latest issue of Money Magazine, AP's executive director Konrad Buhagiar and director of innovation Erica Giusta shared their thoughts with regards to the tragic events happening in Ukraine, in relation to heritage.

In these uncertain times, heritage buildings and monuments become more than ever symbols of national identities, to the point that citizen would put their life at risk to defend them.

"If the built environment reflects society, as Ruskin wrote, any definition of built heritage must adapt to that society's latest signs of progress and challenges - the climate crisis being the most serious of all at this point", they write in the article. "With this in mind, demolition should become an exception, replaced by transformation processes such as recycling and upcycling", they added, stressing on how it is crucial to prompt for smart renovations rather than demolitions to respond to ever evolving social and economic needs.

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