Jacques Borg Barthet presenting the project at Valletta 2018 conference

Let the games begin!

Sunday 21st October, Pjazza San Nikola in Siġġiewi witnessed the launch of a playful, creative, open street workshop. This was a great opportunity to increase citizen awareness regarding the question of public space, and its function.

The leading actors: children. 

PLAYSPACE consists of a game which prompts children to consider the spaces they inhabit through architecture props and stories. It encourages play and imagination, inviting young participants to create new and fantastical scenarios for the realm of tarmac. The children responded in a very positive way, relishing the opportunity to play in the square, unhindered by cars and to collaborate together to give physical form to their imaginative ideas.

AP’s Jacques Borg Barthet will be giving a presentation about the PLAYSPACE workshop during the Valletta 2018 conference – Sharing the legacy. ‘PLAYSPACE: New narratives for public space’ is a Valletta 2018 and a Valletta Design Cluster event, developed and delivered by Valletta-based creative studios We Live Here and AP Valletta, in consultation with Invisible Playground (Berlin) and the Siggiewi Local Council for Children.

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