Road to decarbonisation

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AP's director of practice Jacques Borg Barthet joined the "Road to Decarbonisation" conference, organised as part of the European SME Week by the Malta Chamber and supported by the Ministry for the Economy, European Funds and Lands and the Parliamentary Secretariat for European Funds. 

During the event, speakers and panellists discussed new opportunities which could prompt a new path towards the decarbonisation of the island, through the interplay of fundings and initiatives of the private sector.

All the speakers emphasised the need to implement more sustainable interventions by providing infrastructure for a tangible shift to happen. Moreover, "rather than emphasising a polarisation between environment and development, we should think deeply about the consequences of the decisions that we take and maybe start asking ourselves, what is the kind of development that we want for the environment that we want?", said Jacques Borg Barthet.

Whatch the full conference here.