Sustainable Heritage – Routledge Publication

AP's Director of Research Guillaume Dreyfuss is amongst the editors of the recently launched Routledge Handbook for Sustainable Heritage. Together with AP’s Director of Innovation Erica Giusta, they also contributed with the paper "Fort St. Angelo is not a billboard: Image-driven media and the resilience of the project". In their contribution they argue that the relationship between image and architecture can be re-examined based on values and meaning rather than on an object/subject principle. The paper explores how the acceleration of processes allowed by the digital revolution is enhancing its influence on many aspects of the architectural realm. In this perspective, they discuss the effects of image-driven/image-driving platforms on heritage sustainability and on the production of future architectural heritage.

The handbook presents cross-disciplinary perspectives and insights on sustainable heritage, touching upon data science in heritage, climate change and environmental challenges, indigenous heritage, contested heritage and resilience across a diverse range of global heritage sites.

The Routledge Handbook for Sustainable Heritage is available for purchase online


Kalliopi Fouseki, Professor in Sustainable Heritage Management, UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage, UK.

May Cassar, Director of the UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage, UK.

Guillaume Dreyfuss, Director of Research at AP Valletta Ltd, Malta.

Kelvin Ang Kah Eng, Director in Conservation Management of the Urban Development Authority of Singapore.