‘Valletta – Accra: A Dialogue Between Mercantile Cities’ awarded Arts Council Malta International Cultural Exchange fund

In an initiative aimed at fostering international collaboration and exploring the monumental values of two coastal cities, Valletta and Accra, AP have been awarded the Arts Council Malta International Cultural Exchange Fund. This initiative seeks to re-evaluate the built heritage of these cities, shedding light on how their mercantile nature has shaped them throughout centuries of colonial rule and continues to influence their built heritage today. 

The project, titled ‘Valletta – Accra: A Dialogue Between Mercantile Cities,’ will consists of a series of research-based workshops whose outcomes will be presented in a publication and exhibition. The project is led by a diverse and accomplished team of professionals, including Erica Giusta, Guillaume Dreyfuss and Konrad Buhagiar from the AP team, Ghanaian architect David Kojo Derban, and London-based Maltese writer and curator Ann Dingli

The research will delve into the cultural and historical development of Jamestown in Accra and the Grand Harbour in Valletta, with a particular focus on their architectural and heritage transformations. These two cities share a common colonial history, and the project aims to understand how the agency of trade and economic pressures have affected it.

The project's concept, centred on re-evaluating the monumental values of Accra and Valletta, offers a unique opportunity for international collaboration and knowledge exchange. The collaboration with David Kojo Derban and Ann Dingli brings a critical perspective to heritage conservation, in line with AP’s approach to it. 

The project will engage with a wide range of audiences, from key stakeholders and academics to local communities and international entities interested in heritage regeneration. The multi-phase approach and the presentation of outcomes in both Accra and Valletta will ensure meaningful engagement with diverse audiences.

More info will be published soon!