”Valletta – Accra: A Dialogue Between Mercantile Cities” Public conversation




Valletta Accra is a travelling research project that considers two capitals across two continents, re-evaluating their built heritage and provoking discussions of regeneration.

After a field-trip to Jamestown, Accra, late last year, research is now progressing into its second phase, analysing the architectural and heritage transformations of the Grand Harbour in Valletta.

Work is in progress, reaching a half-way point that invites dialogue. A public conversation will be led by the research team, open to all, at the AP Valletta offices in Valletta, on Thursday 7th March.


AP Director of Innovation Erica Giusta will open the evening’s conversation, discussing the project’s position within AP’s own practice and wider industry discourse. Curator and writer Ann Dingli will then outline the project’s conceptual and practical trajectory, from its initial research question to the team’s fieldwork in Accra and Valletta consecutively. Dingli will touch on the team’s process, how their experience dovetails with wider place-mapping methodologies, and the project’s final steps as it moves towards a culminating publication.

Ghanaian architect and historian Kojo Derban will then deliver a survey of some of the heritage buildings in Accra included in the research, discussing the urban phenomena in the city and exploring the way in which they emerge from the interaction between spatial conditions and its cultural expressions.


Capacity is limited to approx. 50 people, so please come on time to avoid disappointment.

This project is supported by the Arts Council Malta - International Cultural Exchange programme.