Valletta, une promesse de la nuit

Franck Franjou and AP's exhibition in Paris

Franck Franjou and AP Valletta have been collaborating on projects in Malta for over 20 years. This collaboration, which evolved in friendship, will be celebrated during the upcoming exhibition 'Valletta, une promesse de la nuit', which will take place in Paris, at Zumtobel hq, from the 2nd to the 19th May.

The exhibition will feature Franjou's drawings of the projects in Malta as well as a selection of photographs of AP's director of research Guillaume Dreyfuss. Both elements intend to explore the dialogue between heritage, light and the Maltese nightscape.

"Franck Franjou’s drawings of the lights of Valletta unconsciously and unknowingly insert themselves in this tradition of scenes of Valletta by night. But they are much more than depictions of the city coming alive after dark, or the record of dramatic events unfolding with the urban facades as backdrop. They are much more, too, than the multifarious visions of the several projects that AP Valletta was entrusted with during the last twenty years and for which Franck Franjou imagined the lighting. These are technical drawings that transcend the necessity of specialized instructions on how to light the city. They are all of this, but above all they are a form of reasoned dream on how best to unveil the mysteries of the night, slowly and delicately, and to reveal the invisible secrets of the city", says AP's executive director Konrad Buhagiar.

Valletta, une promesse de la nuit is sponsored by Zumtobel and AP Valletta.

2nd - 19th May, Centre Lumière Zumtobel (10 rue d’Uzès – Paris 2)

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