Reinhold M. Karner is chairman of the board of governance of AP, a well-experienced business adviser and mentor for entrepreneurs, executives and start-ups for corporate governance, strategy, leadership, crisis management, digitalisation and artificial intelligence. He is based in Malta and Austria and lived for years in London too. Reinhold lectures at universities entrepreneurship, trends in sustainability, economy, high-tech and digitisation. He has been bootstrapping and running several medium-sized companies in management consulting, software and IT on a multinational basis for decades. He holds several non-executive directorships, supervisory board mandates. He is the Fellow Connector for Malta and Austria of the world’s oldest, London-based think-tank, The RSA (The Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce). Throughout his career, Reinhold has been awarded several awards such as the ‘Best of the Best Management Consultants’, the ‘IT Entrepreneur of the Year’, and the ‘Entrepreneur Shooting Star’. Reinhold’s passion is multiplying the success of ambitious people, their companies, careers and projects. And his motto is that: ‘There is no great art to success. The great art is to maintain success!’ - He is the founder of “RMK THE·SUCCESS·MULTIPLIER”.