The decolonised, specific region

AP took part in the international urban design ideas competition for the future of the Berlin-Brandenburg region, BB2070. The challenging task of imagining one of the most complex German regions in 50 years from now, gave us the opportunity to work on major sustainability-related themes that should be central to any project, in Malta just as in continental Europe.
Are we fully aware that we are wasting our resources in such a way to endanger the future generations? Cultural change, rooted in the existing specificity of each area of the region and based on principles of self-organisation, may be a major key to open up new possibilities of prosperity. As architects, we believe that a forward-looking approach on urban planning is crucial to identify and address the potential threatens which could compromise our future. We look forward to considering some of the questions that we had to deal with in relation to the BB2070 competition, in the Maltese context too: what future do we envisage for the island? How can we achieve a fully sustainable development in a country where self-sufficiency sounds impossible? What will the climate be like in 50 years? 



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Berlin-Brandenburg 2070