HSBC Malta Foundation supports project by UM & AP to employ nature-based solutions to combat climate change

The 'Nature-Based Solutions' project has been developed in collaboration with the University of Malta’s Institute for Climate Change & Sustainable Development. It is supported by the HSBC Malta Foundation and will be implemented in partnership with Project Green.

The project involves research by AP Valletta and the UM team to tackle climate-change problems by proposing innovative and sustainable nature-based adaptation measures. The research will be tested in a pilot project which will be implemented in the open space of the Hamrun Secondary School, and will involve measures to improve water catchment, reduce flash-flooding, provide increased greening and carbon capture and reduce urban temperatures in the immediate area, as well as providing an enhanced recreational space for the school and the general public.

The project is developed in collaboration with a coalition of stakeholders through consultations providing a comprehensive approach to design, planning, and implementation within the project remit. In this pilot project, we have engaged with students from San Gorg Preca College and the local community, giving them a voice in the decision-making process.

Creating synergies to promote strong cross-sectoral coordination and joint actions is vital for tackling climate change in urban environments.

We look forward to sharing the progress as we move into the next phase!

Press: Nature-Based Solutions Project: Ħamrum Secondary School

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