Nature-based solutions

San Gorg Preca College (Hamrun secondary school) case study

Date 2023–Ongoing
Client Institute for Climate Change
Value n.a.
Location Hamrun, Malta

landscaping naturebased regeneration rehabilitation sustainable architecture urban regeneration

Nature-based solutions - Hamrun secondary school - AP Valletta

The brief for the rehabilitation of open spaces part of the  San Ġorg Preca College Ħamrun Secondary fits within a wider scope aiming at developing a toolkit for nature-based solutions for the regeneration of public spaces. The research, being funded by the HSBC Malta Foundation, is spearheaded by the University of Malta’s Institute for Climate Change and Sustainable Development, led by Professor Maria Attard. AP is coordinating preliminary and detailed design for the project and will oversee its implementation, which will be funded and led by Project Green.

Nature-based solutions - Hamrun secondary school - AP Valletta

The design process includes a number of consultation activities with the key stakeholders and the school head, in order to re-imagine an underutilised triangle of land on the school grounds, between the existing football pitch and the road to the east of the school.

Nature-based solutions - Hamrun secondary school - AP Valletta

Some of the key objectives are to: (i) replace an underutilised sports court with a landscaped garden, overlying a storm water reservoir, (ii) increase opportunities for carbon and water capture; (iii) increase shading and biodiversity through the choice of tree and plant species; (iv) use the landscape design to manage level differences and facilitate access into and through the project; (v) include a new obstacle course racing (OCR) track, an outdoor theatre area, reading nooks and a school farm garden; (vi) involve the staff and all students in the design of timber structures including pergolas and OCR facilities.