Joining the first Level(s) conference

New EU Commissions indicators on environmental sustainability.

AP’s Go Technical Centre and a new-build villa are featuring among the 6 Maltese buildings submitted for the first Level(s) testing phase, currently counting 136 buildings across Europe (74 residential, 62 offices).

The new European indicators developed by the Joint Research Centre and hundreds of different organisations, will be fully launched in 2020. The project addresses: greenhouse gas emissions, resource efficiency, water use, health and comfort, resilience and adaptation, and cost and value.

Design teams, developers, Real Estate, Asset Management and building companies gathered in the occasion of the first review conference in Brussels on the 19th December. Aiming at raising awareness about the importance of delivering a sustainable built environment for a better future, the debate focused on the main objectives to be reached by 2020. First, the harmonization: creating a common database for Life Cycle Assessments and a common sectoral language. Secondly, the implementation of Level(s) into Green Public Procurements helping Member States getting familiar with the procedures.

These indicators also aim at reducing the financial risk for investments and real estate companies, providing them with new science-based parameters for property valuations as well as an evidence-based approach to circular economy within the building sector.

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