Valletta Townhouse shortlisted for BIG SEE Awards

We are pleased to announce that our project in collaboration with MTGF Design Studio, Valletta Townhouse, has been shortlisted for the BIG SEE Awards in the residential houses category.

The Valletta townhouse, once shrouded in debris, found new life under the stewardship of its new owners. Through their foresight, the three-storey building now proudly stands, crowned with a rooftop extension that frames panoramic views of the Grand Harbour.

A defining feature is the abundant natural light that pours into the courtyard, embracing the space. Skylights have replaced the redundant apertures, allowing for unobstructed vistas and better airflow. Through the restoration, original qualities have been reinstated, enhancing its functionality and comfort. The structure, crafted traditionally from local stone and timber, features unorthodox proportions that reflect its contemporary nature. In contrast with its robustness, the house maintains a close link between interior and exterior through the placement of timber louvres. They punctuate the existing structure with rusticated course lines, marking the new, while showcasing every detail in balance between tradition and innovation.

Link to project.