Valletta Townhouse

in collaboration with MTGF Design Studio

Date 2018–2021
Client Private
Value n.a.
Location Valletta, Malta

malta old and new regeneration residential valletta


This is the story of a Palazzo in Valletta. Among its stunning ruins there are many hidden ‘treasures’, buried in dust and trash. Thanks to its new owners, the building will finally get the chance to rise from its own ashes.

The manner in which the abundance of natural-light pours in through the courtyard and penetrates the different levels, is a warming feature of the home, and serves to welcome as if it were an old occupant. Following the introduction of the skylight, the courtyard apertures were made redundant and consequently eliminated, thus reverting the original qualities of the building to be restored. This allows unobstructed vistas diagonally and across the courtyard, as well as for better air circulation. 

The play of light and shadow moulds the space recalling Antonello Da Messina’s paintings. The 3 storey Palazzo also comprises a new mezzanine and an extension on the roof. The roof terrace includes an out-door barbecue area along with a concealed jacuzzi. The structure has been traditionally crafted from local stone and timber and carved with unorthodox proportions reflecting its contemporary nature.

Though solid in nature, it is punctuated with timber louvres such that an intimate relationship is built between the interior and the exterior. This adaptation is accentuated by means of a playful use of rusticated course lines, which are further enhanced by the corresponding alignment of the timber louvred screens.


BIG SEE Architecture Award 2024, Winner, Residential Houses Category

BIG SEE-Valletta Townhouse

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