The Bar

Date 2001
Client private
Value n.a.
Location St. Julian's, Malta

interior design maltese heritage old and new

“The play in space reaches hitherto unexplored depth. In the central part of the three advanced blocks, under the aviator headed arch, are yawning caverns and within them balconies appear once more and above them on the inside we can see the sky again. That which started as a bas relief now reached the full status of a sculpture in the round.”(Renato La Ferla, ‘Sliema Art Nouveau Architecture 1928–1937’)

A disused ground floor garage, excavated for a public lounge, a reinterpretation of the bold decor, of the sculptural qualities, the solids and voids, which characterise Balluta Buildings. A destination within a destination. A complement to the existing.

A lounge bar, a play of direct lighting and changing hues set against a monochromatic backdrop of sculptural walls and volumes and decorative details.

Picture Credits
Kurt Arrigo