MASP Awards 2023

AP received two special commendations at the awards ceremony organised by the Maltese Planning Authority, on Saturday 1st April.

The Phoenicia Spa received a special commendation in the Design Award for Good Architecture, Building and Structure category as, according to the jury: "Incorporating the space’s new use as a spa within the historic fabric of Valletta’s fortification walls, the project successfully achieves a seamless transition between old and new. By keeping these historic elements visible, the design allows for an extension of the indoor into the outdoor, and also features a green roof to increase the environmental efficiency of the extension. The materiality of the spa reflects the neutrally coloured fortification walls and blends in timelessly with the surrounding heritage."
Also, the renovation project for our offices in Valletta received a special commendation in the Adaptive Reuse category.
As the MASP jury said, "the former headquarters of the Allied Forces in Malta has been meticulously transformed into a well-design series of office spaces across several floors, connected by a central courtyard. The project required the realignment of several buildings into a coherent space and the development of a sensitive extension at roof level. It is commendable for the extensive research that led to the restoration and design of this building, showing great respect for the World Heritage context it is located within."
Well done to the team!

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