Dingli Garden Extension

Date 2019–Ongoing
Client private
Value n.a.
Location Dingli, Malta

old and new residential spatial construction

The client’s house is situated at the top of the hill that forms the magnificent area of Dingli, a village in the west side of Malta, and located on a plateau by the sea, close to the sheer cliffs that are on the highest point of the Island. Inhabited since prehistoric times, archaeological studies have brought to light here the remains of graves which were used  by ancient populations such as the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians and the Romans.

The concept behind the design of the new extension originates from the spirit of these ancient civilizations who chose this special site with its panoramic views looking out towards the mythical island of Filfla and the setting sun, to provide the ideal link between our world and the afterlife. 

The new extension consists of two square cross vaults that look out towards the horizon and frame Filfla as it floats on the blue and ever-changing sea. The design techniques implemented are derived from historical architecture: both traditional stereotomy and the principle of ‘ex uno lapide’ guided the design of this timeless structure. 

The wild and intriguing beauty of the surrounding landscape, provides an exceptional backdrop to the new building. The main objective of the design process was to explore the genius loci of the site and to create a dialogue between the intervention, the existing house and the breathtaking natural context in which it is inserted. 

In this way, the new living space will become an exceptional venue for unique events and experiences to take place.