H-BIM projects

Date 2020–Ongoing

AP Valletta has started transitioning towards H-BIM (Heritage Building Information Modelling). H-BIM allows the structured integration of both geometric and non-geometric information into a single model, therefore allowing better project coordination and collaboration with stakeholders, efficient workflows, 3D visualizations, and improved project outcomes.

As stated in the paper "Augmented Memories. Embodying history and processes from layers to elements" published by Treasures of Malta, by modelling the heritage buildings at different junctions in their conservation regimes, H-BIM allows for a thorough and dynamic recording of the findings and interventions, thus permitting a critical comparison and analysis of the iterative creative process over time and inform the approach required for the strategies implemented.

3D Models:

Manoel Theatre BIM Model

Manoel Theatre BIM Model video

St Paul's Pro Cathedral BIM Model