Shelter for five churches

Date 1999–2000
Client Delegation of the European Commission in Ethiopia
Value n.a.
Location Lalibela, Ethiopia

international projects masterplanning old and new

Section. Credits AP Valletta.

AP Valletta was among the eight firms chosen to participate in the international competition for a temporary shelter for five 12th century churches in Lalibela, Ethiopia. Working with Franck Franjou, the project was conceived as a semi-translucent ‘cloud’ floating above the sacred site in such a way as to preserve the continuity between the monument and the landscape out of which it was carved.

Masterplan - Credits AP

A variety of factors generated and determined by the consecrated area were mapped. These contextual parameters came to define the active form of the shelters, through an elimination process. This form comprises different but complementary secondary landscape, the structure appearing to belong to the sky as well as the all-encompassing earth.

The scheme attained an honourable mention and placed itself third.

All credits
AP Valletta

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