St. Gilles Museum

Date 2021
Client Groupement de commandes SAT / Ville de Saint-Gilles
Value 4.5 million euro
Location St. Gilles du Garde, France

In collaboration with FLUOR Architects, AP developed a design proposal for a new museum in St. Gilles du Gard, in the south of France.

The museum is part of a major regeneration project of the area which aims at reinforcing the link between its different points of attraction: the square, the cloister and the abbey.

The abbey of St. Gilles is a true architectural gem, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and part of the trail of the way of St. James.

The proposal aims at guiding the visitors to the abbey’s façade and creating a surprise effect thanks to the new museum's façade, with the intention to spark curiosity towards the new contemporary building.

The architectural language developed for the museum takes into account the delicacy of the historical context ­– rising upon the cellar of the monks, envisaging the use of natural materials such as light and durable wood for its main volume.

A delicate balance between old and new is established in the way the contemporary additions connects with the precious pre-existing structures, in effort to revitalise the area while enhancing its cultural heritage.

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New project for AP in the South of France