fablabvalletta is an educational outreach component of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms (CBA), an extension of its research into digital fabrication and computation. A Fab Lab is a technical prototyping platform for innovation and invention, providing stimulus for local entrepreneurship. A Fab Lab is also a platform for learning and innovation: where one can play, create, learn, mentor and invent. To be a Fab Lab means to connect to a global community of learners, educators, technologists, researchers, makers and innovators – a knowledge-sharing network that spans thirty countries and 24 time zones. Because all Fab Labs share common tools and processes, the programme is building a global network, a distributed laboratory for research and invention. In 2015, Malta joined the FabLab international network with a Lab in Valletta – now included on www.fablabs.io.

The Valletta hub is conceived as part of the AP Creative Cluster, providing prototyping and fabrication services to support AP's experimental research.

fablabvalletta has been nominated for the Best Creative Enterprise award at the national arts awards Il-Premju għall-Arti, and has won the MCA eBusiness Awards 2018.