IP Valletta

IP Valletta is the owner of a group of properties in the Hastings area in Valletta, partially leased to AP Valletta, fablabvalletta and the Mediterranean Culinary Academy (MCA) and currently being developed into a creative cluster.


IP Valletta will now be focusing on the rehabilitation and development of other heritage buildings and regeneration projects, particularly in urban conservation areas in Malta, mostly in Valletta and Floriana. The intention is to concentrate on the acquisition, development and management of immovable property, both residential and commercial, creating middle- or long-term investment opportunities, for the company, its staff and associates.

IP Valletta has a special relationship with its sister company, AP Valletta, which will provide the service component necessary to source, study, develop, design, manage, execute and market projects. AP Valletta has vast experience and knowledge, accumulated over the last 27 years of activity in the property market, along with the strength of its team and the range of skills it has available to implement projects, most notably in terms of client management, preparation of feasibility studies and design management.

This strategy for IP Valletta is evolving also in synchronisation with that of similar international organisations overseas with whom the firm already has a business relationship, strengthened by the knowledge base developed by AP Valletta over the years. It is the intention that IP Valletta will not be limiting itself to implement its own projects, but also offer services to a select range of clients for their own project acquisition and development.