Sleeper Cell

Date 2013
Client private
Value 35.000 pounds
Location London, England

interior design international projects old and new

This small-scale renovation project of a Victorian warehouse space in East London started just after Stanhope Gardens was concluded across the city. Both projects find themselves at either end of the budget scale yet aim at very similar spatial outcomes. Both projects are conceived as very big furniture or as we title them ‘Super Furnitures’.

In both projects extensive structural works took place yet from there onward spaces are built by the distribution of cupboard-like volumes, both aimed at organizing new interior spaces and providing new routes through the existing space; a strategy closely related to curation.

Entirely new infrastructures such as bathroom, kitchen, heating, electricity and ventilation systems were provided and a new bedroom and ample new storage space was constructed with a budget of 35,000 pounds in a period of only six weeks.

All credits
AP Valletta