Noto Hilltop Villa

Date 2022
Client private
Value n.a.
Location Noto, Sicily

courtyard heritage hospitality mediterranean old and new rehabilitation residential restoration villa

The brief called for the restoration and rehabilitation of a hilltop villa in Noto, located in the south-east area of Sicily, and heart of Sicilian Baroque. The city and its Cathedral are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Currently, the property consists of a roofed concrete frame structure. The design proposal aims at retaining and enhancing the features of the existing fabric, creating a seamless blend between old and new, as well as providing for a sense of openness and visual connection between the indoor and outdoor areas.

The heart of the villa is rooted in the Mediterranean green courtyard, designed to be fully openable, allowing the interiors to effortlessly blend in the exterior. An in-depth study of local plants’ species will complement the rural landscaping surrounding the property. 

The interiors have been conceived to evoke an earthy elegant feeling, with a natural and neutral palette of colours and materials which would allow for the volumes of the villa to blend with the environment.

The living areas consist of double height volumes, in contrast with the bedrooms which call for a more intimate habitat. Moreover, all bedrooms are designed to overlook the surrounding landscape and are provided with an outdoor private breakout area.