Central Public Library Area Regeneration Proposal

A regeneration proposal for the Central Public Library area, which aims at injecting new life into the existing building while restoring and enhancing its genius loci, to create e new safe, open, green space.

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Filoxiny House

As the name suggests - Filoxiny comes from the Greek word ‘philoxenia’ which literally translates as ‘friend to a stranger’ and is more generally linked to the concept of ‘generosity of spirit’ - the project revolves around the need to re-imagine spaces with generosity and unpretentiousness, putting the needs of the residents first. It’s no coincidence that we chose an image from Kaurismaki’s “A Man Without a Past” for the concept description. We wanted the proposal to be as gentle, quirky and compassionate as the film, engaging with people going through a difficult phase of their life without any prevarication.

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Spatial Investigations on Post-pandemic Performance Spaces

Modalities of performing have developed over the centuries, in adaptation to ever changing social and political conditions.
It is logical that in this moment of crisis of the status quo, spaces for artistic performances need to be reconsidered too.

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